About Fionnathan

We are Fionnathan, simply a son (Fionn) and father (Jonathan). Through storytelling in classrooms, film making and producing social media content, we spread a message of radical inclusion. We are deeply concerned for the health of the ecosystem, and we combine our passion for these two facets of social justice because we believe that raising awareness of the urgency to protect natural biodiversity will be much more effective if the intersection with human neurodiversity is at the forefront. We collaborate with many organisations, through events such as Hay Literary Festival, Westport Arts Festival, Our Ocean Wealth Summit, Sea Fest. We even gave the keynote address to the world’s first Happiness Conference. And we have an interview series where Fionn asks people from all walks of life, “What do you love about your life?”. We have recorded and posted over 600 of these interactions, and they have been viewed over 2 million times.