Sharing hope; building capacity and community

Conservation Optimism supports, empowers and enables conservationists around the globe, professional and amateur, by sharing hope and building capacity and community.

We believe that a healthy, (bio)diverse and resilient world is achievable. We understand that the challenge of conservation in the 21st century is great and complex, but we believe that challenge can be met.

We understand that the language of crisis and emergency has a role in inspiring action, but, for those wanting to act, and for those already actively engaged, working constantly in such a context can be constraining and often overwhelming. We recognise the power of hope as a potent enabling force, and sometimes as a necessary guard against anxiety and despair.

We are an international team working with a worldwide community of individuals and organisations to inspire and enable a global effort – towards a sustainable future in which everyone can thrive.

Who Are We?

Conservation Optimism is a global community dedicated to inspiring and empowering people around the world to make a positive difference for nature.

We are committed to fostering effective action, interest and wonder in the natural world, across generations, borders, languages and cultures.

We are dedicated to equipping, enabling and empowering conservationists at all career stages and from all backgrounds.

We are building a community whose members can draw strength, resilience and energy from togetherness and shared purpose.

We will amplify the reach of conservation by transforming the discourse from “doom and gloom,” into a refreshing vision of the future of nature and how to get there.

We will bring society together in realising this vision, including voices from the arts, business and civil society as well as from conservation science and practice.

We believe being optimistic shouldn’t underestimate the challenges faced in conservation. Rather, optimism uses the power of hope to provide motivation for meaningful action. This helps us learn from our setbacks and successes to move forward and find new solutions.

We are an inclusive movement of scientists, artists, professionals, businesses, NGOs and generally motivated humans of all ages and backgrounds, open to everyone.

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We aim to…

  • Be optimistic but realistic
  • Build an inclusive, global community
  • Welcome everyone who wants to contribute
  • Fight burnout and negativity
  • Combine disciplines and sectors in innovative and creative ways
  • Avoid self-promotion
  • Share optimistic stories, tools and ideas to help us all do conservation better
  • Reach out using a range of approaches and forums, online and in person
  • Change the discourse about conservation and what it can achieve
  • Amplify diverse voices and experiences
  • Be free-thinking and informal
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