Conservation Optimism’s mission is to improve trends for species and ecosystems worldwide. We do this by empowering people from all walks of life to make a positive impact for nature instead of being left feeling hopeless and powerless by the destruction of nature.

We ensure that stories of hope and care for nature, which help people to stay optimistic, are shared and celebrated, and that even when headlines are unavoidably grim they include an action step showing what can be done to change the situation. With 14,000 members across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and thousands more actively engaging with our #ConservationOptimism hashtag, our channels are a way for people to find stories of conservation optimism, to share and become part of a community looking to build a better future.

Conservation Optimism is an online hub, but it’s also a global community. Its spirit and ethos are being embraced by many organisations, as we all work build a more effective, more inclusive, and more active future for conservation.

We are working to support our members with the tools and resources they need to transform the way they communicate about conservation, so people become motivated, inspired, and impassioned about protecting nature.

In times as challenging as these, it can be hard to remain hopeful. However, amongst the stories of risk and loss, there are also many inspiring stories of hope that are waiting to be shared, learned from and replicated.

Conservation Optimism is built on the belief that empowering everyone to make a difference for nature is key to securing our planet’s future – and that a planet on which people and species both flourish is within our grasp.

We are just starting out on a new journey, of becoming a self-supporting independent charity. If you can support us on our way, we would be extremely grateful.