General Guidelines

#ConservationOptimism is a community made up of individuals, and as such we expect a certain kind of behavior from our community members. This should all be fairly intuitive, but just in case, we’ve put together these general guidelines. Please also read the guidelines below for specific types of content that you might contribute to the site.

Inappropriate content:

We know that our community members are passionate, but there’s no need for obscene language, threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, and other displays of bigotry. Remember: we are here to build, not to destroy. Speech should be constructive, even when it criticizes and should focus on ideas and concrete facts, not on individuals.

Conflicts of interest:

Your contributions should strive to be as unbiased and objective as possible, and if a post includes any endorsements or criticisms, any relationship between yourself and the object of discussion should be disclosed.

Promotional content:

Do not use this site for promotional content. You can post about your own experiences and are free to mention relevant affiliations or sponsors, but do not share posts that are primarily advertising for a group, brand, company, organization or cause.


Please make sure your contributions are relevant and appropriate to this community. This isn’t a place for political rants or fringe science.


Don’t publicize other people’s private information. Please also don’t post close-up photos or videos of others without their permission.

Intellectual property:

Don’t swipe content from other sites or users. By posting here, you are affirming that all blogs, posts, photos, videos and other content is your own.

Seeking payment:

This is a community, not a space to advertise or fundraise. Do not link to donation pages, or try to sell anything here on the site.

Full Community Guidelines

Key Conservation

Conservation Optimism has partnered with Key Conservation to help further our aims of empowering our community for positive conservation impact — both by supporting grassroots conservation projects and by helping to connect individuals from around the world with meaningful ways to contribute to conservation efforts.

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