Conservation Optimism has partnered with Key Conservation to help further our aims of empowering our community for positive conservation impact — both by supporting grassroots conservation projects and by helping to connect individuals from around the world with meaningful ways to contribute to conservation efforts.

The Key Conservation mobile app provides a platform that empowers the individual’s ability to make a difference. Designed by wildlife biologists, the app is a place where conservationists can come to find real-time global assistance when there are gaps in their traditional support.

The Key Conservation platform is unique in that it provides transparent and real-time interactions between conservation organizations and supporters. This insight provides the supporter with a more comprehensive look at what day-to-day conservation efforts and struggles truly look like and to showcase how small actions can lead to tremendous impact. The Key Conservation app is built with the belief that nothing is hopeless, that by working together we can find solutions to some of conservation’s greatest challenges while also being a lifeline to often overlooked organizations and their species.

The Key Conservation app has a scrolling feed that will update as needs from conservationists occur. This real-time feed allows for an innovative approach to support and lays the foundation for the three ways for conservation organizations to get help and three ways for supporters to give it.

The first way is through the feature called Skilled Impact which enables supporters to give their professional skills. For example, if a patrol vehicle breaks down a mechanic could help fix it or a marketing professional could help with an outreach campaign. Tapping into these skills could save conservation organizations much-needed funds while providing a way for supporters to give outside of monetary means, which creates a lifelong connection to the organization. Second, the In-Person feature allows supporters to be alerted to real-time volunteer opportunities in their area through geo-based push notifications. This feature updates automatically as people travel around the world, alerting them to the work being done within their own customized range. For example, if an organization needs help planting new trees to restore a habitat or would like to alert local supporters of a sea turtle hatchling release they can send out a push notification to supporters within a chosen radius. The last feature is the more traditional approach that allows supporters to give critical funding to help with problems happening in real-time or long-term goals.

After the contribution from the supporter has been put to use the conservation organization will send a photo/video update to the supporter to show the outcome, creating a transparent, exciting and more intimate connection that supporters have been wanting. This feedback will also provide an easy way for supporters to share their contribution within their network. This will ultimately increase the reach and support for the organizations in need while spreading much needed Conservation Optimism.

By partnering with Conservation Optimism we can bring these empowering moments of hope to the world.

Stories from the field that have been historically lost in the daily shuffle will have a new home on the Conservation Optimism platform, where they can then be amplified globally. The featured organization of each Conservation Optimism story will link back to the Key Conservation app so supporters can easily continue to learn more about the organization, see what challenges they are currently facing and find the tools to help in real-time. Instead of just reading about these stories supporters will be able to take their hope to do more and turn it into action.

When Conservation Optimism shares a story about a conservation organization on their blog there will be a button that readers can click that will take them directly to the Key Conservation app. Here readers can learn more about the organization, see what challenges they are currently facing in the field, and find actionable steps to help in real-time. Now instead of just reading these stories readers will be transported to the front lines with options to make a difference now.