About Amrein Tamásné Miskolczi Boglárka

I started building my organic farm in a neglected orchard, which has now become a thriving, vibrant farm and research station spanning several hectares. I did not do this hard work alone. I was helped by thousands of birds, with whom I learned how to produce food while not only protecting but also rebuilding our environment. My farm is home to a colorful bird-nest box station - we are Bird-NBS. We have designed the entire farm in such a way that it can give as much as possible to our birds, who in return protect us from pests, weeds, and provide us with many other good effects. I learned to live in complete symbiosis with nature, as a result of which I also created a new type of agricultural production model: this is the bird-human cooperation model. A cooperation that is mutually beneficial for both wildlife and humans, in which the harvest is also given and nature conservation plays an important role. A truly hopeful solution that leads to an absolutely sustainable future. Because this is my big dream: to hand over to our children a world in which they too can wake up to the singing of birds every morning.