Project Description

This page showcases podcast episodes featuring interviews with Conservation Optimism’s team members. If you are looking for the Good Natured podcast you can find all our episodes here.

Pangolin: The Conservation Podcast

Jack is joined by the Director of Conservation Optimism, Julia Migné! She is here to discuss the power of optimism, and how her organisation promotes positivity through social media, blogs, podcasts, film festivals and so much more! We also discuss how she became interested in telling conservation stories; her time as the ‘Science and Conservation Communications Officer’ at Chester Zoo; and her work with INKLINE!

The Hive Podcast – Julia Migné

This episode focuses on how we can get our messaging effectively across to our audiences. Featuring Director of Conservation Optimism; Julia Migne, Sammy Brisdon, Environmental Educator and Author of 365 Days Wild and founder of A Focus On Nature; Lucy McRobert.

This episode may be of interest to anyone linked to conservation, specifically – but not exclusively those who work in engagement. It’s full of tips and insights into how to make your content more effective and more relatable. The guests are among the very best in their fields for this work, so come join us!

EarthRising Podcast – Cheli Sinclair & Julia Migné

In this episode, Erin Haley is speaking with Conservation Optimism CEO Cheli Sinclair and Program Coordinator Julia Migné. They discuss how Conservation Optimism organically evolved, and how language is a key element to creating constructive narrative frameworks for people to operate from to maintain an optimistic outlook in conservation. They also contemplate learning from the full range of conservation efforts being made.

All Creatures Podcast – Julia Migné

This week we tackle the topic of “Conservation Optimism.” With all the doom and gloom out there, sometimes it tough to find the positive. Just remember there are many thousands, like Julia Migné, who are out there fighting hard for wildlife. There is much to be optimistic about and we spend an hour discussing this issue and many more.

The Conservation Careers Podcast – Cheli Sinclair

When you think about wildlife and conservation efforts, do you feel overwhelmed by the challenges we face? Saddened by the state of the planet and the rate of biodiversity losses? Upset by the volumes of plastic in our oceans, that slaughter of migratory birds over Malta? Or the clearing of our rainforest for palm oil?
Or, do you feel hopeful? Do you feel we can still turn it all around, that conservationists know what needs to be done and that nature can bounce back quickly?

In these podcasts and on our website, we ask some of the most senior conservationists on the planet, what do we need to do more of to tackle biodiversity collapses? The vast majority of them see the challenge as one of communicating our messages more effectively. To attract new support, raise our profile, turn interest into action. But how do we do this?

Enter Conservation Optimism.