The Wildlife Rescue Centre (WRC) Jogja is a field project of Yayasan Konservasi Alam Yogyakarta, which aims to rescue, temporarily rehabilitate, and release confiscated wild animals. We work towards conservation education through raising awareness about conservation to the community while providing crucial jobs to locals, and also through conducting research activities which will benefit our conservation program in the field.

Our organization is non-profit based. We rely almost fully on donations and grants to run our program. However, we are very fortunate to have a team who have passion, and the same vision towards conservation, who are very persistent and committed to keep improving our program. We always feel so proud when we are finally able to release, or translocate the trafficked wildlife to better places. Though we know there are still many animal incoming to our centre, we believe that no matter how small our efforts are for the nature conservation, it will still give positive impact towards nature and the surrounding community.

We believe that everything can be better with collaboration. Therefore we hope by joining ConservationNow, we can expand the network, having relationships with those who have same vision.

Currently we work on the initiation of the Malayan Giant Turtle and Binturong conservation efforts in Indonesia. Additionally, we still work to keep rescuing and rehabilitating the injured, confiscated wildife around Yogyakarta and Java, Indonesia. We also hope that by joining ConservationNow, we can find either potential partner/collaborator, or even a potential donor who can support us either financially or through the provision of technical assistance in carrying out our mission. Last but not least, we also want to share the optimism and positive attitudes toward nature and wildlife to the wider audience/community through the content we make on our various social media platforms.

Your concern for the sustainability of wildlife can be done by supporting us through the animal adoption program. For more information, please check this link
Taking care of animals before they are released back into the wild certainly costs a lot of money. Feed, vitamins, cage cleanliness and animal welfare are very important to consider. Help us to care for protected wildlife by donating through this link