WildTeam UK has joined ConservationNOW and embraced the vision of #conservationoptimism because:

  • We have shared values (WildTeam’s values are “Celebrating nature” “We believe people are the solution”)
  • We are confident that, with the right (positive) attitude and (professional) skills, conservationists can change the world for the benefit of wildlife and people alike
  • It is our fundamental belief that it is only through support and collaboration with other organisations and individuals that we will be able to achieve a real and long-lasting conservation impact
  • Re-enforcing and shouting about positive change is a powerful means to magnify its effects.

By joining the network we hope to gain:

  • New friends and partners who we can work together with to inspire, empower, and support other conservationists in their journey towards making a difference wherever they work
  • Opportunity to inspire people through the power of song through the Conservation Optimism annual Conservation Karaoke competition.
New information and changing conditions can easily throw a project off track.

On 14th July, our Executive Director Adam Barlow is leading a free, 45 minute introduction to managing project risk.

For more information, visit https://t.co/xA1mUoIybf https://t.co/pQtxpBCQG0
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To find out more about Alizée's work, visit https://t.co/ZOm79eZEk6
“This training was exactly what I needed to be able to feel more confident writing grants.” Alizée Martin, Borneo Nature Foundation

Our next Grant Writing for Wildlife Conservation online training workshop starts 6th of July.

For more information, visit https://t.co/anEPZkQtXt. https://t.co/D4SE2hE0zS
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