We want to make conservation fun, show that it is not all doom and gloom and that we can save wildlife, and make it easier for people to donate to conservation charities and for those charities to raise funds, through the board games and apps we publish.

We think that’s a great fit with ConservationNOW and want to work with other organisations to share a positive message and to create fun games that can help, even if just in a small way, to overcome burnout and negativity. It’s so easy to get bogged down trying to change the world, but we think our games can be a fun break as well as a way to bring people together to save wildlife. Our games are designed for all ages 7+, so also offer a great way to bring families together, to bring conservation education in schools to life, and to engage a younger generation.

We try to embrace the vision by sharing positive conservation news stories and fun videos on our social media channels, while also bringing in the shift from negativity to positivity to the heart of our games. Our first game is titled Conservation Crisis, reflecting the conventional negative messaging and the real-life situation of widespread threats of extinction, but the game is designed so players will save an endangered species and avert a crisis, creating a fun and engaging way to show that with the right funding, support and projects, we can save wildlife.

The game also includes the option to pay a ‘Bribe’, which we find is an effective way to raise the issue of corruption in conservation and showcase why it does such harm; players initially benefit from the bribe, but it comes back to haunt them later in the game, causing much more harm than the initial gain. Again, a fun way to talk about a serious issue, which we think fits with the ConservationNOW ethos.

From partnering we hope to hear more positive stories that we can share with our own networks, and to find organisations that we can help by enabling them to use our games to raise funds for their work and create a fun way to engage their supporters with their projects.

What has a diamond ring got to do with board games and wildlife conservation? In our latest blog, we look at how retail psychology is fuelling the illegal wildlife trade and what we can do to use that same psychology to save wildlife, such as a a new Vegan club in DR Congo! https://t.co/vDdkgwkbnz TunzaGames photo

We've been reading a lot about snakes recently, particularly the threats they pose to people and how to avoid them.

The most useful learning point was that it appears snakes deliver less venom when biting someone wearing denim, so some jeans are going in the suitcase! https://t.co/mXU6VomyFm
TunzaGames photo