The ‪Wildlife Blogger Crowd has been created as a positive space for wildlife and nature bloggers and storytellers to share posts, join discussions and support other content creators by sharing articles, organising collaborations, asking questions, and seeking brand opportunities with ethical brands and social enterprises.

It was created to amplify the voices of conservationists across the globe, by introducing them to other storytellers, and encouraging the sharing of each other’s posts and stories.

Across our social media pages we share the blog posts and social content we get tagged in, as well as promoting a spotlighted individual on our Instagram page daily, to highlight their great work, and encourage our members to follow and support each other.

The ‪Wildlife Blogger Crowd gives conservationists access to over 250 storytellers (and growing), including bloggers, vloggers, podcasters and social media influencers – and we have successfully run a mentoring programme and a blogger-brand partnership scheme, as well as ‘Blog Clincs’ to help bloggers get the most from their platform, and regular Twitter chats. We also launched a book of 50 stories from our community members last year (Connections With Nature, ISBN: 9781399905107), and have been using it to fundraise for wildlife and environmental NGOs, as well as our education partners; Talek Primary School in Narok, Kenya.

Every month members of our community receive a newsletter, which highlights some of the content that’s been posted by our members within our community pages – giving it a wider audience, and also job opportunities, personal development opportunities, competitions and opportunities to join online webinars and Q&As with conservation professionals.

I believe that the Wildlife Blogger Crowd fits the ethos of Conservation Optimism, as our community is about making positive change by supporting one another; we tell conservation success stories, and help to increase their reach – and we are always looking to evolve and grow.

We would love to help tell and amplify the stories of those already involved in Conservation Optimism’s community, through the wealth of voices and platforms of our ‘crowd’ members.

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