Tales from Mother Earth (TfME) is a collective conservation venture, with a strong drive and passion for connecting children three to 10 years with the natural world – through our interactive stories and music. By compiling a touching series of realistic animal and insect tales, we hope to ignite the conservationist in all of us by empowering us to help in some way…especially children. When we take time out and connect with nature, it’s hard to overstate how much good nature does for our psychological and physical health. For children, the benefits increase further as their levels of concentration, creativity, confidence, happiness and well-being rise. There’s no place like outside!

We are delighted to join Conservation Optimism as our message of helping children aid conservation efforts for the environment is one of positivity. Through collaborations such as this and with other like-minded individuals and organisations lasting change can really be achieved that will ultimately benefit us all.

Spike the Hedgehog - A wonderful positive gift to engage children 3-10 yrs with nature. Learn how our hedgehogs are coping in today's world and what we can do to help them. 🦔 Our audio/picture storybooks also come with a QR code so you can download audio tracks 🦔💚 #tuesdayvibe https://t.co/YvZtF6suzc TalesMother photo

This is fabulous to see. Hedges are a vital part of maintaining our precious biodiversity and allowing our countryside to thrive again! @ThrimbyFarms thank you. 🙏💚🐝 https://t.co/5XHSoVdIuw
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Matthew Blair @ThrimbyFarms
So today we start our two year project of planting hedges and double fencing. We have 9.5km of fencing to do in total, meaning just over 4.5km of new hedges. This is a great thing for the farm and for nature. Nature corridors all over the farm. https://t.co/HEjF4GjOzj

This makes so much sense on every level. We need to see more #GreenRoofs - more benefits for everyone and everything... including Phoebe the Bee and her amazing pollinator friends - plus so much more! 💚🐝🦋 @RoofGro #GRO https://t.co/ktdq5fUOpp
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Mobilane Global @mobilane
An important consideration in making the forecourt greener was the health effects on patients. International research has shown that patients who have a view on greenery recover significantly faster than patients with a grey view.

#greenroof #groendak #grünesdach https://t.co/Fd1Lc7n42F

We need our #bees!🐝
Wonderful feeling, knowing we are completing our mission and sending our books out to #children.
Through our #storytelling told from Mother Earth's pov we engage children to learn how important bees are and how we can help them. #environment #motivation https://t.co/qcc06Wmr1G
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