România Sălbatică (Wild Romania) is dedicated to the beauty and biodiversity in our country. It comes out from our deep love for Romania’s natural wonders and from our profound optimism that through knowledge and education, we will be able to understand and protect more of our natural world.

There has been a lot of negativity around many conservation topics in Romania but we deeply believe that far more and better results could be reached in conservation by having a positive approach. By showing people how amazing nature is, how strong everything is connected with each other in our ecosystem and how vitally important it is for us humans, to just look around, to open our hearts and minds to the natural world, to understand connections and to protect what is in our power to protect.

România Sălbatică uses photography, documentary film and social media content to sustain this approach. We are now editing a photography album that will include all the major protected areas in our country and all the iconic species. An album like this was never done before in our country and our goal is to donate it to at least 1,000 schools in the near future. We are also producing a feature documentary film about the biodiversity of Romania, the largest in the European Union. A film like this was never done before in our country and it will be important both for us and for the international community interested in nature conservation.

We are excited to join the network and hope that our project will inspire others in researching, documenting and sharing the beauty that lies out there in our natural world, wherever it may be!