We would like to join ConservationNow as we have more than twenty years experience in delivering conservation projects at first around the UK (under our previous name Restore UK) and now across the globe (hence our name change!).

We have always tried to focus on positive stories as we feel this keeps people inspired to realise that great work is possible. Focusing on the doom and gloom is not only depressing but it can make people feel nihilistic and jaded about the world, especially young people.

Last year we started our podcast (recorded our 25th yesterday!) and by complete coincidence started using #ConservationOptmism to try and spread our ethos. It was from there your organisation began liking/retweeting our work.

You have now twice kindly featured us on your weekly stories of optimism, the latest being our initiative which announced a $245million conservation agreement with the Colombian government.

We are continuing to produce articles and podcasts with a positive spin and I would be grateful to join this group as we are working to really boost our audience, which at present is quite modest.

Otherwise, we have a lot to offer in terms of experience in the sector, are open to discuss potential future projects, podcast guests and much more.


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