Reserva Tesoro Escondido is an NGO dedicated to the conservation of the Ecuadorian lowland Choco forests. We work on research, environmental education and community projects. Our activities involve local communities as much as possible as we strongly believe that conservation is only possible when people living nearby these high biodiversity areas are actively included and empowered.

We realise that our actions and words have a big impact on the local people that we work with, hence we want our messages both in activities in the field and social media to be meaningful, optimistic and inspiring. We think that joining Conservation Optimism can bring us closer to this objective.

In our activities we want to give a voice to the local communities we work with, empowering and inspiring them to find their own way of discussing environmental challenges and also solutions, particularly young people. By partnering with Conservation Optimism we are sure we can find together better ways to do this. Also, we would love to join a community of like-minded organisations, share and learn from each other’s work as well as improve our activities.

We believe that conservation has a lot of challenges, however, there are a lot of efforts carried out at different scales that are changing things. In our case, our project began as a dream, today it has become a reality, however, we keep dreaming of extending our view of conservation. A positive way of thinking is important in any conservation project for it to be successful.

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