RSCF focuses on science-based, hands on conservation programing developed to protect wildlife and wild places in real-time. Our mission is to work with partners around the globe to develop programs that offer solutions to some of the greatest challenges facing our natural world. We have shown, time and again, that working together organizations (large and small) can achieve incredible results. From developing breeding and recovery strategies for critically endangered species, to protecting biodiversity through habitat protection, to technical training and education, our teams of scientists and staff offer governments and organizations the tools they need to protect and preserve their native wildlife. Far too often we become overwhelmed by the challenges we face as stewards of this planet. At RSCF we strive to focus on what is possible and do whatever it takes to reach our goal. From sending Mountain Bongo Antelope from the US to Africa, to managing critically endangered primates and parrots for future repatriation to home countries, to developing methods to curb and stop wildlife trade, we are constantly looking forward. We owe it to ourselves and our planet. Our motto is “Whatever it takes for as long as it takes.”

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