PosadiLes (Plant the forest) is a reforestation program, which was launched in 2010 and was implemented for 5 years by the efforts of volunteers, with the support of Faberlic Company. During this time, 10 million seedlings were planted in 47 regions of Russia, 5,000 school nurseries were established. In 2015, the program has found a new life, new projects have emerged aimed at preservation and restoration of the forest. More details about the results here. The program’s mission is to form a community of people ready to participate in solving the problem of forest conservation and restoration.The ‘PosadiLes service is an ongoing crowdfunding platform aimed at involvement of common people in the forest restoration. The collected funds are used for voluntary tree plantings in 23 regions of Russian Federation organized by regional representatives of the ECA Movement and by other volunteer teams participating in the project.The person who paid for tree planting receives a certificate for his contribution. And after the actual planting, each user receives the report with the story of planting which includes its description, photos and video, and GPS-coordinates of the restored site. Project outcomes: With the aid of the service, funds for planting 980,000 trees have been generated. In total, 10,000 people donated for tree planting. In 23 regions of Russia, 55 plantings on 175 hectares were implemented. More than 6,000 volunteers took part in the plantings.We also work with companies who can calculate their CO2 footprint and offset their emissions by planting trees. Our mission is to save and preserve Russian forest and its inhabitants (wild animals) as an enormous amount of trees suffer from wild fires and illegal deforestation in Russia.