Peace For Conservation strongly believes that today’s children are our future leaders. Those children may be the last generation that will have the opportunity to save the many species of animals that we all know and love. Time is running out to save the wildlife on which they all depend but children can trigger change in their community by raising their voices against wildlife poaching. Today’s children will become tomorrow’s conservationists or poachers and when their education includes the ideals of wildlife conservation they are more likely to become good conservationists within their community.

Human development has been extensively and rapidly changing ecosystems in a way that has diminished their capacity to deliver services to preserve nature and wildlife. As a member of ConservationNOW, Peace For Conservation is interested in networking and meeting with different stakeholders on wildlife conservation such as conservationist, wildlife researchers, NGOS for conservation and tour operators.

They are keen to hear about conservation challenges, including human wildlife conflict, from around the globe and to come up with solutions to  those  challenges for the benefit of both wildlife and community livelihoods. They also hope to learn from other members about the sustainable use of natural resources by supporting community based-tourism enterprises (CBTC), to strenghten partnerships and mutual cooperation on conservation programmes with other members  and to promote exchange programme for conservation education.

to be used for generate income through processing corn flours and Nutrients flours for those living with HIV/AIDS. Lamadi is tourist destination, and road stop, the HIV/AIDS infection is higher in the communities
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Peace for conservation, would like to share our gratitude with wild and free foundation for donation One (1) complete milling machine to AMAN group association from Lamadi , conservation #KACF #elephants #butterfliespavilion #communityconservationreseachnetwork #chriskoslin Peace4Conserv photo