Operation Wallacea (Opwall) is a biodiversity research organisation fuelled by volunteers who join international expeditions, local field courses, and online internships for the opportunity to work on real-world research programmes alongside academic researchers. Our alumni includes conservationist from over 100 different countries, who come together due to their love of and desire to protect the natural world.

Opwall’s work consists of long-term biodiversity monitoring which allows us to build up huge datasets that can be analysis to identify trends in the populations and diversity of wildlife. These data are then analysed by scientists, written up as scientific papers, and published in peer-reviewed journals. This gives our sister charity, the Wallacea Trust, the leverage and evidence to apply for funding and lobby governments to put in place wildlife conservation management strategies to protect the biodiversity in the areas we work in.

A major goal of Opwall and the Wallacea Trust is to find economically viable and ecologically sound solutions to environmental problems, that keep indigenous communities in control of their local environment and able to keep their livelihoods. Opwall would love to be part of Conservation Optimistim’s growing, inclusive community. We firmly believe in sharing messages about conservation that inspire hope for the future, and by doing so, inspiring action. We often use #ConservationOptimism, and we would love to contribute blogs written by Opwall. We would love to be part of ConservationNow to join with other organisations to be more effective at sharing our stories and maximizing our impact.

Last year we hit the huge milestone of having 500 research papers in peer reviewed journals! You can see each one in our research library: https://t.co/gWkUxuvCyC

We know it's hard starting out in wildlife conservation - we developed this free pdf guide using our years of experience, to help you get started! https://t.co/9kJ7ouwiL8

How to launch your career in Wildlife Conservation: our free guide https://t.co/NaAzypdnxt