At One Planet Conservation Awareness, we aim to bring conservation work into the lives of all. Through articles, educational material and interviews with projects around the world, we want to inspire people to engage with environmental issues.

Our latest project – One Planet One School, aims to gather material from the OPCA network and create learning resources to give to schools in the UK based on the material gathered from the conservation projects. This will raise awareness for the projects involved whilst engaging students in the UK with key fieldwork.

We believe that by joining the network our project will be able to reach a wider audience and encourage other projects to share their work. We are a solutions-based project, which aims to highlight the great work being done rather than dwelling on the issues.

We often say that black-browed albatrosses are the fiercest of the #albatross world. But it’s hard to demonstrate that with such loving images of parents, going to the edges of the 🌎 to raise their chick. Well here’s Orion, our black-browed chick. Think they’re fierce now? oneplanetconse1 photo

" #PineMartens were extinct in the Wye Valley, but thanks to a partnership led reintroduction programme they are back living and breeding and playing their role in woodland ecosystems once more." #MartenMarch oneplanetconse1 photo

The health of Scotland’s fish populations face three major issues: overfishing, hindered recovery through widespread bycatch, and the continued degradation of seabed habitats. What opportunities do we have to tackle this post-Brexit? Read our blog here: oneplanetconse1 photo