At One Planet Conservation Awareness, we aim to bring conservation work into the lives of all. Through articles, educational material and interviews with projects around the world, we want to inspire people to engage with environmental issues.

Our latest project – One Planet One School, aims to gather material from the OPCA network and create learning resources to give to schools in the UK based on the material gathered from the conservation projects. This will raise awareness for the projects involved whilst engaging students in the UK with key fieldwork.

We believe that by joining the network our project will be able to reach a wider audience and encourage other projects to share their work. We are a solutions-based project, which aims to highlight the great work being done rather than dwelling on the issues.

We may lack #albatross in European waters, we sadly don’t lack the threat of bycatch. But these “Looming-Eyes Buoy” (LEB) created by our RSPB colleagues, could change that with a 20-30% abundance of long-tailed duck within 50m of the LEB! More info here 👉 oneplanetconse1 photo
A #wanderingalbatross breeding cycle takes over 12 months! A lot can happen in that time so the @BAS_News team do a monthly census. There are now 553 chicks are sitting comfortably in their nests. This is only three less than last month which is a great result for the colony 🙌 oneplanetconse1 photo