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We are delighted to be a part of this ‘global movement for nature and people’, and to be a part of this network of organisations that share the same spirit and ethos that we do about nature and conservation. We believe that we already do the required to uphold the vision that is outlined in the ConservationNOW mission statement, and we will certainly continue to do the same through the stories we publish and by giving a voice to researchers, conservationists and photographers on our platform.

It is really exciting to be the first organisation from India to join ConservationNOW, and we hope to inspire more like-minded initiatives to be a part of the network. We are looking forward to collaborating, supporting and learning from each other, and let us all continue to do everything we can to create a brighter and better future for our nature and wildlife.

"Her cries haunted the #forest and echoed over the hills and valleys. Even the people in the nearby #villages heard her and they too began to feel her #grief."

A retelling of the famous #Khasi #folktale, 'U Sier Lapalang'.

Words by Biang La Nam Syiem.

#NiFHiveFeature: Genius Goswami photographed an Indian Hare in #Gir National Park, #Gujarat.

Also known as the Black-naped Hare, the Indian Hare, like other hare species, has long ears and large hind legs. It inhabits bushy regions between #jungles and farmlands.
NatureIn_Focus photo

#NiFContest2021: Ganesh Chowdhury won the top prize in the Animal Portraits category in 2020.

The Nature inFocus #Photography Contest 2021 is now open for submissions and will run till May 31, 2021.

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