Nature Conservation Georgia (NCG) is a non-governmental organization working: to protect the Biodiversity of Georgia. To raise awareness in local communities about environmental issues and its importance. To maintain, cherish and encourage harmony between us, humans, and nature.
One of NCG’s top priorities as mentioned above is to raise awareness in local and global communities. We believe that wildlife conservation or anything related to biodiversity, is not properly done if we do not include the society in these activities. Meaning that we can always find a way to interest people about these important matters that might be happening around us in wildlife conservation. We must find a way to share that with everyone, because without it, research and all these activities loses its purpose. In Georgia, where we are working, it is kind of our signature in our area that we share informative posters in a very joyful way which makes people smile. Our organization started creating informative posters from the start, which we shared via social media and since it is the easiest way nowadays to communicate with a generous amount of people, it was quite successful and we are always looking for new opportunities like that, that will help us communicate with people around us.