The Margaret Pyke Trust is a unique, solutions-oriented organisation working at the intersection of health, women’s rights and environmental conservation. We bring a unique perspective to environmental conservation, indeed we are the only member of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature with over fifty years of family planning expertise. We advocate for and implement integrated development projects in rural areas where poor health, inadequate health facilities and degraded environment come together to form a “perfect storm”.

There is very often an overlap of areas facing the greatest need for improved reproductive health services and for conservation. Some conservation and reproductive health organisations have joined forces to combine activities. Project data shows this has led to increased family planning use, improved health and gender relations, and increased support for and participation in conservation. These multisector approaches can be more cost-effective, and generate more sustainable results than single sector development interventions.

We would like to share our experience, evidence and tools with the Conservation Now community to broaden the global community of supporters of these multi-sectoral approaches. We acknowledge that the future health of our planet has never been more uncertain and that the health of people and ecosystems are connected. In line with the 2030 Development Agenda, we call for integrated solutions to these integrated development challenges. In line with Conservation Now’s ethos, we strongly believe that by sharing information and working together on strategic projects and policies, we are optimistic that we can help human communities and their ecosystems thrive.