Mangrove Action Project (MAP) is a small team of dedicated, passionate and experienced mangrove workers and conservationists. We collaborate with individuals and organisations at all levels to encourage sustainable restoration and conservation of our world’s mangrove forests.

Since setting up establishing in 1992, we’ve worked across more than 25 countries, using our holistic approach to mangrove restoration training and schools’ education programmes. We also utilise our online presence to promote the importance of mangrove forests and are active members of Global Mangrove Alliance, Save our Mangroves Now and IUCN’s Mangrove Specialist Group.

By joining ConservationNOW we want to inspire our staff and partners to embrace the conservation optimism ethos whilst reaching more people with positive mangrove messages, ideas and stories. Mangroves have unfortunately been regarded as wastelands until more recently, and we’re excited to partner with Conservation Optimism in order to bring out the inspiring stories of regeneration and positive change, especially through the lives of those who live along coastal mangrove regions. We do hope that we can be a great addition to this growing global community, and we would be keen to scope out possibilities of collaboration with members for mangrove conservation and restoration projects. Let’s inspire change, together.

Photo Credit: Andrea Bonetti

Nature-based solutions, especially #mangroves, can help fight climate change and mitigate sea-level rise. Another reason they need our protection!

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MangroveProject photo

From a forest goddess protecting honey gatherers to a tiger leaping through trees and mangroves choking on plastic pollution.
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Investing in #nature pays off big time. It helps regulate temperatures and stabilise our changing planet. #WWFUntangled

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