Indigo Expeditions promotes the respectful and responsible treatment of wildlife, nature, and local cultures. We encourage connection to nature and the empowerment of those we work with, and those who join our trips. We believe a willingness to participate and to contribute to something greater than your individual self is all it takes to make the world a better place.

For us joining ConservationNOW is a way to integrate a movement of positive, forward-thinking people to spread news about conservation efforts, successes, and opportunities to get involved in conservation. We want to network, and share our findings, stories, goals, dreams, desires and vision for conservation. We want to join the conversation!

We are keen on sharing ‘what works, what is being done, what can be done, and how’ and we want to partner with other organisations that share similar values and integrity. We are also passionate about joining the social media conversation and connect with more like-minded people to contribute to a culture of cooperation, co-creation, and sharing. We want to show up and demonstrate how our conservation expeditions and nature tours support valuable conservation projects in Guatemala, and beyond and to share news about our work with sea turtle conservation on the Pacific Coast of Guatemala, and our work with endangered amphibians in the highlands of Guatemala.

Common boa's are one of the most iconic snakes in the world. They scream SNAKE @cloudforestcon @guatemalanature @GS_Travels Read more -> exploreindigo photo

The bright green loro machaco stayed in the same position for 3 days before it moved off. Still to this day I can remember the thrill of setting eyes on that snake @cloudforestcon @guatemalanature @GS_Travels Read more -> exploreindigo photo

Black-eyed treefrogs are large frogs spend most of their time high up in the canopy. During the rainy season the descend to find suitably small water bodies for their tadpoles to develop in.

exploreindigo photo