The International Association for Falconry and Conservation of Birds of Prey is the global representative organization for falconers with members from 89 countries worldwide. Falconers, as a group have a deep respect and interest in raptors, biodiversity and the
environment. We have a very intimate relationship with nature and the natural environment and so are effective sentinels for changes which may occur.

We are deeply aware of the many pressures facing biodiversity and the environment but we also believe that positive actions are necessary to address these challenges.  As a result, our conservation actions are often directed at community level and seek to address and correct or mitigate problems. Thus, while a major issue for us is the electrocution of raptors, our actions are to raise awareness and encourage remedial action. Similarly, we promote the conservation work of our member organizations and encourage practical measures which aim to make positive contributions to conservation issues.

We are very pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with organizations which have the same approach to conservation issues and to counter the very negative approach to conservation issues which is can too-often prevent cooperation and cross-pollination in the sector.

A sequence of kestrel photos hunting along a frozen lake. iaf_falconry photo

Archaeologists Find 800-Year-Old Figurine of Falconer in Norway.
iaf_falconry photo