At Hidden Worlds, guests enter an aquatic wonderland brought to life through immersive and interactive content, art installations as well as actors and fun illusions. We leverage video mapping, spatial sound and special performances to truly immerse the audience in a one-of-a-kind marine adventure. Guests enjoy the multisensory adventure while actively participating in a quest that will allow them to truly dive deep, as such we’re a UN Ocean Decade Activity that is not about merely passively consuming content but actively engaging in challenges and missions. We further integrate sustainable food offerings to ensure guests get a taste for impactful dining.

Independent of location size or indoor space availability our platform is highly flexible and can accommodate a wide range of requirements. Our design is based on a LEGO approach to scale the venue and vary the user experience all while providing an immersive journey through various marine environments. We use a proven, plug and play system for rapid and cost-effective installment.

Our content is build on the basis of behavioral psychology utilizing knowledge here to create experiences that proven to not only generate amazement and education but also ensure long term engagement and behavior change will be achieved.

Lastly, we utilize state of the art neuroscientific tools to measure immersion and emotional engagement throughout the guests’ journey. This enables us to understand what drives awareness and empathy. This knowledge allows us to build a data foundation of what drives emotion and behavior change which we can utilize to optimize our storytelling and create effective post
experience engagement. This is the first time this technology has been deployed in an ocean conservation and impact context.

The main objectives are to build awareness for and engagement in ocean conservation. We target a truly large audience who will come out of our experiences not only more knowledgeable but inspired and enabled to create change. Our aim is to scale the attraction and reach more than 1,75
million people per year over an eight year period. Nothing of this scale or technological sophistication has existed before. This unique value proposition has enabled us to raise more than US$1.5 million dollars to make this project a reality.

We create attractions with purpose that supplement the traditional approaches of museums, science centers, aquariums, and zoos. While epic in imagination, every production is rooted in authenticity and inspiring messaging, generating world positive impact: Experiences that not only create awareness, but make a global change. Connecting with the ConservationNow is the perfect place to bring our storytelling to an even more expansive community.