As an innovation consultant and founder of Experimental Civics, Life Sci Hack, and Capsule, Sarah Sharif knows what it takes to be successful in innovation across all industries, sectors, and geographical locations. Extracting ideas and producing results through the innovation process from curating to implementation is where she thrives and excels. Conservation impact is data-driven and she takes pride in knowing she is paving the way for the future, protecting our planet, and ensuring survival of all living things by bridging these practices across organizations.

Sarah was honored to be on a panel at Conservation Optimism this year as she talked about Capsule: an 18-month innovation pipeline with a world record hackathon event to produce 500 viable solutions for our climate crisis across 6 intersectional disciplines of art, health, education, food, energy, and cities.

ConservationNOW is a pro-active, vibrant community of people who are and Experimental Civics would love the opportunity to serve them in a greater capacity whether it be through free consulting sessions, working alongside them to develop their own hackathon events, giving them an accessible, inclusive space at Capsule to grow and scale beyond limitations, and lastly, secure more innovation funding to go into conservation technology.

The future lies in our hands and we can achieve change with a collective effort and support!

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Happy New Year!

Like you, we can't believe we've made it another year around the sun and we're gearing up for an incredible year. Wishing all of our followers the absolutely best start to the next 365 days.

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🎬 Behind the Scenes 🎬

In Amsterdam, the production team has been working hard to prepare our all-new MozFest Studio, a daily session designed for you to stay up-to-date on all things #MozFest.

We kick off Monday - it's not too late to get your ticket!
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