Companions for Amphibians and Reptiles of Nepal (CARON) was established a decade ago by young conservation enthusiasts and is the only organization dedicated to the conservation of Herpetofauna of Nepal. Our motto is “CONSERVATION WITH ETHICS”. We here at CARON aim towards conserving the herptiles (Amphibians and Reptiles ) through scientific research and advocacy.

In the past we have completed different projects such as the creation of an Inventory of Herpetofauna of Nepal, published different reports and books such as “Turtles of Nepal: A Field Guide for Species Accounts and Distribution” and “Exploitation of Frogs in Academic Sector: Case study in +2 stream in Nepal”. More recently, we have completed different projects such as “Kathmandu Amphibian Survey2O18” in partnership with Wildlife Conservation Nepal which was a follow up to our previous research and completed training on field herpetology focused towards young conservationists from colleges all around Nepal.

Besides Scientific research activities such as documentation of Herpetofauna of Nepal, we actively participate in community development and awareness programs. We recently organized the first Frog Symposium in Nepal in collaboration with RatoBangala Kitab and Wildlife Conservation Nepal as a form of cooperation with different stakes of society to disseminate information regarding the status and immediate needs for the conservation of frogs and their
habitats. We are proud that we have been able to contribute to different conservation activities throughout Nepal. At present, we are working on turtle conservation works in the lowlands of Nepal.

We understand that conservation of any species cannot be achieved without addressing transboundary issues. This is why we want to collaborate with international partners from the South Asian region to provide effective efforts for conservation. We want to grow as an organization from a Non
Governmental Organization (NGO) based only in Nepal to an lnternational Non Governmental Organization and are looking for partners to do so from India, Pakistan, Bhutan and Tibet which would help enhance our efforts through the Himalayan Range. We would like to promote other conservation partners from the region and would like to reach out to as many conservation enthusiasts as possible in the region. We believe that conservation of any species cannot be achieved without the alliance of all the parties involved and that’s why we joined ConservationNOW.