Our generation is on the verge where everyone has the ability to spark change no matter how small it may be. There are amazing conservation stories that do not get to see the light of day. These stories are only known among the selected few who already understand the conservation scene. However, man is a very important part of nature and with no natural resources which we depend, we may not be able to survive. We have coexisted with the environment since the beginning of time and therefore conservation stories are of importance.

Biophilic Conversations enables the ease of access to positive conservation stories and thus inspire people to appreciate the environment we live in, with an aim to foster change among people to protect our planet. This platform raises awareness on conservation, not only in Kenya but the entire world. Sharing positive conservation stories will be able to formulate the language of the conservation community where others can shape themselves in a conversational process with the power to connect.

Biophilic Conversations allows the youth in Kenyan to share their conservation stories from science to policy to environmental education and awareness to community involvement in conservation. Our goal is to bring people from the local conservation community together to give them inspiration about nature and wildlife. We want to provoke discussion about conservation successes and challenges in Kenya and Africa and how the youth can and should be involved in conservation.

Conservation Optimism heavily aligns with our vision and through this partnership we can be able to learn from each other and also meet like minded people who share a similar mindset.


Date : 22nd Dec, 2021
Time : 8:00pm


▶Key environmental issues (floods, droughts, food security, policies)
▶Energy Transition (How are we fairing as a country) https://t.co/ZU9mW62aIS
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This is the reality of what we are experiencing as Kenyans esp in the North. Drought, famine, livestock loss. Media can use such real coverage to show the real effects of #ClimateChange and it be a call to #ClimateAction #TalkActClimate #Voices4ClimateKe https://t.co/RuBdF8scIM BiophilicKE photo