A Focus on Nature works to inspire, support and connect the conservationists of today and tomorrow. Everything we do is founded in optimism, we recognise that the young people of today are unlikely to pursue a career path within the conservation sector if it is inherently negative. Therefore we are passionate about sharing and developing a positive narrative that conveys magnitude of the environmental challenges we face, but also helps to empower and inspire young people to engage with these issues.

In 2014 we published our vision for nature paper, a piece of work compiled by young people across the United Kingdom. This described an optimistic vision for 2050 for our natural environment, addressing reform in wide range of geopolitical and socioeconomic issues from land use practises to education and public health. By joining the conservation optimism movement, we hope that this may help in achieving some of this change, bringing a wider platform to air the views of young people. Further to this we hope in joining this partnership, it may help in raising awareness of the opportunities we provide such as our highly successful mentoring scheme.

We pride ourselves in forming collaborative partnerships which facilitate opportunities for young people to learn new skills and gain a broader understanding of the natural world. We believe that by joining the conservation optimism movement, this we help us to further align ourselves with like minded visionary organisations that will enable our membership to engage with the wider conservation community, potentially resulting in mutually beneficial outcomes.

One of the most awesome things about being engagement officer @AFONature is getting to read and upload such beautiful and fantastic pieces of writing by such talented nature writers 😍 y'all are a talented bunch and it gives me hope for the future!! ✊🏽🌺 #blogs #nature #wildlife

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Happy Birthday to moth enthusiast Jeremy Paxman!...stay tuned we'll be launching our university moth challenge with @AFONature next week... #UniMothChallenge https://t.co/kXnjtBXKrG 🎓 🐛 https://t.co/TFTaLn80q3

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Reflecting on a strange (but wonderful) year at A Focus on Nature 💚

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The last year has been strange but it’s not stopped @AFONature from progressing in its quest to connect & reach out to young people. With a new careers section, a growing mentoring program and a renewed social media presence, find out more at https://t.co/lkuKG3P1vZ https://t.co/sBEkGpp0JI