The Bristol Zoological Society is a conservation charity committed to building a sustainable future for wildlife and people. Our charitable objectives are to advance the public understanding and the conservation of wildlife and the natural environment, as well as the scientific study of plants and animals. We do this through conservation action and engaging people with the natural world. We currently run 14 conservation projects around the globe, including several aimed at conserving native species in the UK. Our team of conservation lecturers, curators and educators lead these projects in collaboration with our local partner organisations on the ground. In addition to field conservation, we are also actively involved in behaviour change, as we know that human behaviour has a large impact on the world’s biodiversity, and we have the opportunity to affect behaviour change in all our guests that visit our zoo sites each year.

We hope that joining ConservationNOW will enable us to reach more people with our positive message of how humans can make a difference for wildlife and their habitats, and enable us to join with a larger conservation community to advocate for policy change at higher levels in governments around the world.

9 hours ago
Seals have much better vision than us underwater, but can’t see as well on land.

Their eyes are adapted to less light underwater, dilating into a wide circle to let as much light in as possible. On land, in brighter light, their pupils constrict to a slit

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11 hours ago
@samm0212 Hello! The walkthrough re-opens on the 6th April for the Easter break.
1 day ago
Today is #InternationalDayOfForests and we like to do our bit. Our rainforest education session teaches children the importance of our rainforests and what we can do to help protect them- because you're never too young to start learning about trees!
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