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Laura Michie

About Laura Michie

Laura is a marine biologist and science communicator who joined Mangrove Action Project as a communications specialist earlier this year. She has over 10 years’ experience working in mangroves and coastal wetlands, specializing in ecosystem services, plant/animal interactions and invertebrate ecology. Laura has a PhD from the University of Portsmouth on the role of fiddler crabs in mangrove ecosystems, and is a contributor for ECO Magazine, a leading international marine science publication. Laura is passionate about scientific outreach and has experience as a scientific advisor on natural history documentaries, working with Terra Mater films and National Geographic Channel.

Mangrove Action Project Photography Contest

As a celebration of International Mangrove Day, the Mangrove Action Project is raising awareness of the importance of mangrove forests with their global photography contest. Read more about the contest and the stunning photos!

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