Wondering what went right this week in the conservation world? We’ve got you covered with our Conservation Optimism Round-Up! Each week we are collating stories of optimism from around the globe so that you never miss your dose of Monday Motivation.

1. Signs of recovery for yellow-breasted bunting in Russia

” From 2016 onwards, several sites in Russia were recolonised by yellow-breasted buntings, and a number of populations recovered considerably. “

2. 10-year Yangtze fishing ban in full swing, shows China’s determination in ecological restoration

“Fisheries officials and experts told the Global Times that the 10-year fishing moratorium on the Yangtze River reflects China’s commitment to prioritizing ecological protection.”

3. Chhouk, one of the first animals in the world to be fitted with a prosthetic limb, is the star of a new book

“How did elephant Chhouk go from an injured baby alone in the forest to a healthy adult elephant who can walk, run & play? Find out in the book, the Elephant’s New Shoe all about Chhouk!”

4. Missile tech and microbats, using thermal imagery in wildlife rescue

“Dr Mills, though, learnt that US counterparts had started to adopt software and thermal imaging technology derived from tracking missiles and developed in the US Army Environmental Laboratories to monitor threatened species such as bats. In 2008, he started applying it in Australia with the large bentwing bat as his target.”

5. Tahltan land to be protected in partnership with conservation organisations, Skeena, and the province

“Thanks to collaborative efforts in British Columbia, a new Indigenous protected area now conserves over 3,500 ha of mountain habitats in sacred Tahltan Nation territory.”

6. The IUCN’s green list is inspiring hope and change

“The red list of species at risk is well-known, but the list for protected sites is quietly helping to ‘paint the planet green’.”

7. Blue Nature Alliance aims to restore 7 million square miles of ocean in five years

“The initiative, named the Blue Nature Alliance, has “a very audacious goal,” says M. Sanjayan, CEO of Conservation International, one of the organizations leading the program. “It’s probably the largest single conservation effort in terms of size and speed.”

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