Wondering what went right this week in the conservation world? We’ve got you covered with our Conservation Optimism Round-Up! We are collating stories of optimism from around the globe so that you never miss your dose of weekly motivation.

(Featured Image Credit: Animal Aid UK)

1. Scottish government votes in favour of a ban on snares

Following the ban on snares in Wales in 2023, the Scottish Parliament has just voted in favour of banning snares under the Wildlife Management and Muirburn (Scotland) Bill. Read more about this historic decision from one of the organizations who campaigned for the change, Animal Aid UK. If you live in the United Kingdom, you can also write to your MPs in support of a UK-wide ban on snares here.

2. Last seen in 2008, Branch’s Rain Frog rediscovered

The Endangered WIldlife Trust has shared that the incredibly rare Branch’s Rain Frog has been rediscovered again after over 15 years since it was last spotted in the wild!

3. BirdLife South Africa files groundbreaking litigation to save African penguins

“Kate Handley, Executive Director of the Biodiversity Law Centre, says: “This is the first litigation in South Africa invoking the Minister’s constitutional obligation to prevent extinction of an endangered species.” To learn more about BirdLife South Africa’s work to recover African penguin populations, visit their website!

4. Comeback on the cards for Asian antelope declared extinct in Bangladesh

“Nilgais had been declared extinct in Bangladesh since the 1930s. Now, however, their forays back into their historical habitats indicate that Bangladesh has room to once again host nilgais within its borders. The authors of [a] recent study suggest that local authorities should start thinking of reintroducing the species, which they describe as being easy to take care of […]”

5. New 4-million acre conservation area established in Florida

“The Everglades to Gulf Conservation Area runs from southwest Florida into the state’s northern stretches, which is home to a diversity of species like the Florida black bear, Everglade snail kite, Florida panther, sand skink and many other rare and endemic species, including more than 100 threatened or endangered species.”

6. Two major coastal cities make significant commitments to reduce ocean pollution

Take a look at the inspiring thread from The Ocean Conservancy on how the cities of Surat (Gujarat, India) and Santiago (Chile) are making changes in waste management to help protect the ocean and improve the lives of their residents.

7. In celebration of World Rewilding Day…

Take a look at the wonderful video from Rewilding Europe to hear inspiring stories of rewilding from the team of conservationists working hard to give nature a fighting chance!

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Kali Samutratanakul
Kali is a freelance illustrator and Italian translator based in Bangkok. Having volunteered for local social justice NGOs, she is passionate about crafting focused and emotionally-resonant messages to help save the planet.