Wondering what went right this week in the conservation world? We’ve got you covered with our Conservation Optimism Round-Up! Each week we will be collating stories of optimism from around the globe so that you never miss your dose of Monday Motivation.

1. New 110 acre reserve established in Ecuador

“The newly established Cerro de Arcos Reserve in Ecuador will provide 110 acres of habitat for the blue-throated hillstar, which was only just discovered in 2017.”

2. Conservationists camp in trees to protect the Tasmanian rainforest

They camped in trees to protect the Tarkine rainforest from loggers.

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'Friluftsliv' meaning 'open air living‘ is a Norwegian term used to describe celebrating time outdoors, no matter the weather. For the last three years those in the Southern Hemisphere have had to endure the unpredictable weather patterns of winter and early spring during their Big Canopy Campout Events! However as the @bobbrownfoundation show us in this clip from Erik, protecting trees isn’t only a fair weather activity and spending time outdoors means experience all of the faces of the environment you‘re in. Never the less we are wishing everyone a good run on the event itself and that if the sun is hidden behind clouds and rain that you’re camping equipment is in place and functioning!! Thank you to @walmswild photography for the video edit 🙂 @canopycamp @bobbrownfoundation #bigcanopycampout #nativeforests #futureforforests#treeclimbing #protecttrees #conservationoptimism #trees #oldgrowthforest #campout #naturalspaces activism #keepourforests #treetopadventures #greenfuture @bigwalldeuce #d4portaledge #weather #friluftsliv

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3. Eurasian lynx spotted in Belgium for the first time since early 1800s

“Eurasian Lynx has been confirmed as present in Belgium for the first time in two centuries, after a camera trap captured footage of one in the Ardennes at the end of August.”

4. Study showed that Protected Areas contribute significantly to the conservation of tropical birds

The new study “provides evidence that, on average, protected areas contribute measurably to conserving bird species in some of the world’s most diverse and threatened terrestrial ecosystems”.

5. Viet Nature secured highest government protection for the Khe Nuoc Trong forests

“The move delivers a safer home for 40 globally threatened species, including extremely rare antelope and singing gibbon brought to brink of extinction by loggers and poachers.”

6.  Restoration project in Pembrokeshire, Wales, planted 1m seagrass seeds

“The restoration programme by the University of Swansea, WWF and the Sky Ocean Rescue charity hopes the Pembrokeshire project will spur large-scale seagrass restoration projects elsewhere in Britain and in the world.”

7. Chinese white dolphin making a comeback in Hong Kong

“The vulnerable Chinese white dolphin is making a comeback as a result, with sightings up about 30%.”

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