Wondering what went right this week in the conservation world? We’ve got you covered with our Conservation Optimism Round-Up! We are collating stories of optimism from around the globe so that you never miss your dose of weekly motivation.

1. We found 29 threatened species are back from the brink in Australia. Here’s how

” But we have 29 reasons not to give up hope. Our new research has found 15 threatened mammal, eight bird, four frog, one reptile and one fish species have recovered enough that they no longer meet the criteria for listing as threatened.”

2. From 300,000 rabbits to none: a Southern Ocean island is reborn

” Macquarie Island, a Unesco world heritage site, was being eaten alive until an ambitious eradication programme restored it”

3. The Welsh Government, UK acts to scrap key road schemes in favour of nature and climate.

” Of the 55 road schemes that were assessed, a large number have now been scrapped including the ‘Red Route’ in Flintshire which would have destroyed an ancient woodland. ”

4. Brazil’s Amazon deforestation down 61% in January

” That amounts to the equivalent of 22,000 football pitches, but is a huge decrease on the 430 square kilometers of deforestation in January 2022, when far-right climate change skeptic Jair Bolsonaro was in power.”

5. New reserve in Ecuador secures over 3 million acres of forest

” The Tarímiat Pujutaí Nuṉka Reserve covers 1,237,395 hectares (3,057,671 acres) of Andean and Amazonian forests in the Morona Santiago province of eastern Ecuador. The area has cloud forests, sandstone plateaus, Amazonian lowlands and floodplain forests that are home to thousands of species, many of them endemic. “

6. The recovery of one Mexican Marine Reserve

” The Cabo Pulma Reserve was designated in 1995 and 19 years later ocean biomass has increased by over 460%, making this project one of the most successful marine recovery projects globally”

7. UN ocean treaty talks: ‘Life support system of our planet’

” United Nations members will gather in New York City in the United States on Monday to resume efforts to forge a long-awaited and elusive treaty to safeguard the world’s marine biodiversity. 

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