Wondering what went right this week in the conservation world? We’ve got you covered with our Conservation Optimism Round-Up! We are collating stories of optimism from around the globe so that you never miss your dose of weekly motivation.

1. New Caledonia expands strictly protected coverage of its swath of the Pacific

” New Caledonia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific, recently announced that it would highly protect 10% of its economic exclusive zone (EEZ). These new highly protected areas will be off-limits to industrial activities such as fishing, drilling and mining. “

2. Promoting gender equality to protect black-necked cranes in China

Over the past 20 years, Guanghui has participated in rescue feeding operations for more than 90 black-necked cranes. Sometimes the cranes have rescued her too: one day she fainted as she struggled to rescue a black-necked crane frozen in the ice, only to be awakened by the cry of others nearby, allowing her to escape from the ice.

3. Papua New Guinea Triples Ocean Protection, Announcing Two New Marine Protected Areas

” In an incredible boon for the planet’s oceans, the government of Papua New Guinea today announced more than 1.5 million hectares (more than 16,000 km2) of new Marine Protected Areas (MPAs). The new MPAs more than triple ocean protections in one of the most biodiversity-rich countries in the world, marking a major leap forward for the country and the planet on the road to achieving the global 30 by 30 target.”

4. Thanks to combined conservation efforts, a Global Declaration for River Dolphins has been signed by 11 out of 14 countries to protect the species from extinction.

The Declaration has 8 elements, including concrete aspects on threat reduction (reduce unsustainable fisheries, work to solve water quantity and quality issues), increasing protection (more and connected protected areas, with effective management), invest in awareness raising, working closely with the local communities and fundraising

5. The Reappearing Forests of West Bengal, India

The trees in this corner of India vanished decades ago, leaving heat waves and drought. What happened when they returned proves the healing power of reforestation.

6. Wild turkeys: A conservation success story

Decades after wild turkeys disappeared from Massacheusetts, MassWildlife reintroduced these iconic birds in the early 1970s.

7. Portugal just ran on 100% renewables for six days in a row

For nearly a week, the country of 10 million met customer needs with wind, hydro and solar — a test run for operating the grid without fossil fuels.

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