We offer training and workshops on the importance of optimism in conservation, principles of positive communication, and creative storytelling. We have successfully delivered these virtually and in person to a variety of audiences, including academic researchers, students, and conservationists working on the ground.

Get in touch with us at admin@conservationoptimism.org if you would like us to speak to your organisation and/or deliver a bespoke training programme! You can also sign up for updates on our training and workshops here.

Feedback from previous participants…

  • “These principles have already been incredibly helpful in a variety of contexts including other podcasts, media interviews, public engagement events, and paper framing and writing. If Julia and Sofia offer another mentoring session, I highly recommend participating in it. The skills and principles you will learn are portable and applicable to everyday contexts, and will also help you frame your research to more effectively communicate your findings.” (You can read more testimonials from our podcasting mentoring programme at the University of Oxford here)

  • “A really helpful means of developing skills in positive communications, plus I found the stop-motion storyboarding and workshop an engaging means of demonstrating a different form of audience engagement.”

  • “I have learned some important lessons on framing and storytelling techniques, presenting your research to the public, and on how to raise awareness, and disseminate information to the public on your species of interest. Apart from this, it also helped me to develop my confidence in communicating my research findings with the general public and improved my ability to frame my research to reach a specific audience. Coming from a biodiversity-rich country, I believe in inclusiveness and equal participation, information sharing, and effective communications through different platforms such as social media and podcasts. I believe those formats can get the attention of the public very fast and efficiently, and help people to join hands in protecting and conserving the earth’s environment and wildlife.”

We asked participants at one of our workshops to say the 3 words they would use to describe the experience. This is what they came up with!