The Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network (WFEN) conserves threatened wildlife while contributing to the economic vitality of rural communities.  Our mission is to protect wildlife in wild places, and on agricultural lands in-between, by certifying enterprises that assure people and nature coexist and thrive.  We use the power of the marketplace to spread best practices by providing incentives for the protection of biodiversity around the world.  We offer opportunities for people in often rural and disadvantaged communities and enable conservation of intact landscapes critical to the provision of ecosystem services.  Our work in partnership with farmers, herders and ranchers helps to ensure wildlife corridors through working lands which enable resilience for wildlife in the face of climate change. By creating incentives for the protection of global biodiversity we work to institute best practices on the landscape. Through effective and compelling and storytelling about triple bottom line win’s for people and wildlife we work towards changing attitudes and behavior.  We empower consumers, companies, and local communities to be catalysts to change the world.  WFEN includes conservationists, businesses, artisans, farmers, ranchers and herders, harvesters and indigenous peoples from around the world.

I'm so emotional re: the amazing @collegeatlantic Summer Institute speaker list. Given my work in sustainable food systems via the Wildlife Friendly Enterprise Network @wfen, I'm stoked & a proud alum. @michaelpollan @WinonaLaduke @soledadobrien @DanBarber @SamSifton @cpkimball

Interesting read! While a male mountain gorilla’s hearty chest beat would seem to signal aggression, new research shows that the behavior may actually prevent violence between the massive animals!

Gorilla tourism is no secret--social media has been swarmed w/ photos of tourists & gorillas across Africa. But what are the risks? @IGCP wants you to learn how to best protect #gorillas on your visit. Be #GorillaFriendly & #TakeThePledge! Learn more: wfen photo