While we are acutely aware of the global extinction crisis we are currently facing, The Species Recovery Trust believes firmly in the optimism of talking action on the frontline to save some of the UK’s most threatened species. We are committed to saving 50 endangered species by the year 2050, using cutting edge and streamlined conservation techniques to deliver as much as we can on the smallest resources possible.

By de-coupling as much of our work as possible from financial constraints it leaves us free to think big, and dream of a a future where these species  – while not necessarily becoming abundant – are at least not in need of conservation intensive care.We also believe in engaging communities and individuals to help save their local species, both empowering them to save the planet in a very practical way, but also engaging them with the endangered wildlife around them.

@suburbanwilduk @DrTrevorDines @crawley_mick @thorogoodchris1 @thenewgalaxy @SarahWhild Happy to chat about Melampyrum arvense? Only a hemi-parasite, but we could have half a chat?! 🤩

Habitat restoration work for Heath Lobelia; removing willow stumps and Molinia tussocks to get next summer's population back on target. It's been fun clearing the site by hand for 3 years, but we needed the big guns this time! https://t.co/2amHaykzvR speciesrecovery photo

Want to learn more about fern identification this spring? Here's a sneak peak at our online course https://t.co/0QsDm84amx