Our mission at Re:wild is to conserve the diversity of life on Earth, based upon the firm belief that all species  – no matter how large or small – have inherent value. We draw upon wonder and awe of the natural world as a way to engage and energize our audiences, and we strive to tell the individual stories of endangered species and those working so hard to protect them as a way to foster emotional connections.

In 2010 we partnered on the Search for Lost Frogs, and last year launched the Search for Lost Species, to find and protect species missing to science built on the notion that hope is a more powerful motivator than despair. We continue to build upon the momentum of these campaigns to make Lost Species a cornerstone of our work and messaging.

We have been involved in developing the concept of the Green List of Threatened Species and co-authored the recent paper in Conservation Biology outlining the new strategy to track successes in wildlife species recovery that is going to inject optimism and inspiration in how we talk about– and think about– conservation success. Re:wild also helped to produce the recent coffee table book Back From the Brink to inspire through 25 stories of species conservation successes.

We embrace the spirit of partnership and the idea that a rising tide floats all boats. All of our work is done through partnerships from local to global – examples of the latter include our role in the Key Biodiversity Areas and SMART Partnerships, and we also helped to form and grow the Amphibian Survival Alliance, a partnership of over 100 organizations working for amphibian

We are excited to partner with ConservationNOW because we believe that changing the narrative around conservation will require an effort bigger than any one organization alone – it requires a movement into which we are all bought. We do not view other conservation groups as competitors but as partners or potential partners, and we are excited to broaden our constituency of collaborations towards a worthy and important goal of injecting hope and optimism into a narrative that has, for too long, been dominated by doom and gloom.

I believe we can play our part by generating and amplifying positive stories that draw upon adventure, wonder, and awe, to inspire people to join us as we enter this exciting new chapter.

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