Planet Indonesia has been at the forefront of biodiversity conservation in West Kalimantan, Indonesia since 2014. Our award-winning holistic approach to biodiversity conservation addresses both the symptoms and drivers of Indonesia’s greatest biodiversity challenges. Currently, we work with over 3,000 households and protect over 640,000 hectares across four major project sites from coral reefs to the mountaintop rainforest. Our organization is structured into two major components encompassing both in-situ and ex-situ conservation.

Our In-situ conservation projects focus on engaging community-led solutions to tackle rural socio-economic inequalities, limited livelihood opportunities, and lack of social services. One of our most popular programs – the Conservation Cooperative model, establishes community-run organizations (cooperatives) to reduce illegal wildlife trade and protect biodiversity. In every Conservation Cooperative, villagers create a community-run management system that is supported by Planet Indonesia with a variety of social services and logistical support which encourages local communities to become self-sufficient. These services include education, health, agricultural, financial, natural resource management and much more. We listen to the needs of each community in order to maximize our impact rather than following a “one-size-fits-all” strategy. In addition, we have established community-led ranger patrol units to protect at-risk ecosystems and have a dedicated research team to study our and our partner communities impact on the environment.

Our ex-situ conservation projects forming the Wak Gatak Conservation Center (WGCC) tackles the root causes of the wildlife trade in Indonesia. WGCC also adopts a holistic approach entirely focused on addressing the myriad of challenges facing nature conservation through strengthening governmental capacity as it relates to the illegal wildlife trade. Our programs include a Songbird Rescue and Rehabilitation Center, Law enforcement & Judiciary support, wildlife trade research and analysis, and the implementation of behavior change campaigns among communities.

The lasting relationships we build with our community are based on positivity and trust. Our overall impact has driven a tangible and beneficial transformation on biodiversity and the biocultural dimension of society. Fuelled by passion and a great sense of solidarity, we strongly resonate with The ConservationNOW spirit. We wish to share our innovative and strategic approaches with like-minded partners to constructively influence communities in Indonesia and around the world.

Four villages we support in Kubu Raya have already planted 50,000 mangrove propagules to help restore nearby mangrove forests. Their goal is to plant 200,000 new trees this year and are well on their way. #village-led #conservation planet_indo photo

Goodbye and Selamat tinggal to 2021!
We have chosen some of our favorite photographs from the year and tell you the stories behind them.

From all of us at Planet Indonesia we wish you a safe and happy new year. ✨

Lead farmers are important to their communities because they help pass along knowledge of sustainable agricultural practices that are so important for their community’s livelihoods. To help these farmers achieve their goals, we helped facilitate a lead farmer workshop in Nyiut. planet_indo photo

Thank you for being a part of our journey as we look forward to continuing to share stories about the incredible communities we serve, the wildlife and habitats we strive to protect, and our dedicated staff committed to the success of our programs. planet_indo photo