Nature’s SAFE embraces much of the vision of Conservation Optimism and their Network of Optimists Worldwide. We are on a mission not only to halt biodiversity loss but also restore animal life in our world; making a positive change to secure our planet’s future. Our charitable living biobank is taking positive steps to make a global difference to protect our most endangered species by indefinitely storing reproductive cells and cell lines from animals threatened with extinction. We envisage Nature’s SAFE becoming the endangered animal equivalent of the Millennium Seedbank, and collaboration with optimistic conservation platforms, such as Conservation Optimism, will help us achieve this. In line with Conservation Optimism’s vision for a global movement for nature and people, Nature’s SAFE aims to roll out our expertise and technologies globally, creating multiple living biobank hubs in locations strategic for collection, establishing centralised biobanks. This will inspire and empower people around the world, crossing borders, languages, and cultures, to make a positive difference for nature. Recognition will help foster the development of relationships needed for the creation of global hubs. In return for promotion and collaboration, we will promote Conservation Optimism and provide success stories about the species we have saved, inspiring others. To date, Nature’s SAFE has indefinitely stored reproductive cells or cell lines from 17 endangered animal species. Once defrosted, these cells can be thawed and working with key stakeholders, used directly in endangered species breeding programmes to obtain pregnancies in our most threatened animal species. With your help, we believe Nature’s SAFE can enhance our global presence and save animals from extinction.

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