The Landscape and Conservation Mentors Organization (LCMO) is an environmental Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) legally registered under the NGO Act of 2002 (Registration No.ooNGO 08464) of Tanzania. LCMO’s mission is to promote nature conservation and improve community livelihood through environmental conservation, conservation education, community-based conservation initiatives, ecotourism, wildlife and cultural activities. It aims to mitigate human-wildlife conflict and enhance nature-related research. Currently, LCMO has two main environmental programs: WASIMA (Watu, Simba na Mazingira, or People, Lions and the Environment) and VIMA (Vijana na Mazingira, or Youth and the Environment). Other programs include: A Day in the Park, The Greening Mpimbwe Campaign and our Student Support Program.

LCMO is an organization with optimistic people who are always innovating and creating in order to explore new realistic conservation measures that address the current conservation challenges around the world. The team comprises ecologists, anthropologists, biologists, conservationists and managers. Together we work with local communities to achieve our conservation goals. At LCMO we believe that the success of conservation is in community hands and through empowering them, we can see the impact of our conservation efforts that benefit both the natural world and human beings.

But LCMO will not succeed on its mission by itself, it needs a network of other enthusiastic conservationists to share ideas and strategies. Most of the conservation challenges around the world share common characteristics, but not necessarily share the same solution. However, learning through each other, we can generate new ideas and sometimes exchange solutions that address conservation challenges across networks.

Joining ConservationNOW provides LCMO the chance to network with additional conservation organizations, where it can learn from other optimistic conservationists around the world. It is also a platform for LCMO to share its findings and a place where we can get new ideas to address our conservation challenges in our area.

While the role of the private sector has been gaining attention in discussions concerning financing sustainable land management and restoration, middle-level institutions, and community-based groups are also critical for restoring degraded land.

It's never easy to understand 'oneself' as a leader, and our goal with this module is to help build greater personal awareness and focus, which makes leadership more effective.
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Announcing our new Strategic Plan

This is an urgent time for humanity and our planet, and our 2022-2025 Strategic Plan builds on our proven track record, new external trends and opportunities to chart an ambitious path forward.

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