Key Conservation has joined ConservationNOW because we believe in the power of hope. Every person has the power to change the world and the Key Conservation platform was built to provide the tools to enable this action. Our mobile platform is a place where conservationists can come to find backing from supporters all over the globe in real-time when they feel like they are alone in their fight and need hope the most. Additionally, supporters of conservation efforts can tap into new avenues to provide hope by using their own professional skills, by helping in person and donating.

Our platform works to facilitate transparent and real-time interactions between conservation organization and supporter to show what real conservation efforts and struggles truly look like and how everyday actions from supporters can lead to tremendous impact. Our platform is built with the notion that nothing is impossible and that by working together we can find a solution to some of the world’s greatest problems. Our goal by partnering with the ConservationNOW is to create avenues for conservation optimism to be highlighted and shared so together we can build a movement based on the power of optimism.

We embrace the #conservationoptimism vision to not only provide more hope for conservationists who are on the front lines of tough battles but for the supporters who stand alongside them globally.

Today on #SnakeSaturday features the beautiful Spider-tailed horned viper. They are endemic to western Iran & were described in 2006. Its tail is an example of caudal luring, which is a form of mimicry where tail movements are used to attract prey, such as birds for this species KeyConservation photo

A new species of pygmy seahorse about the size of a grain of rice has been discovered off the Eastern coast of South Africa. KeyConservation photo

A historic agreement has been reached among more than 45 transportation and energy companies to create and maintain "right-of-way" corridors to protect Monarch butterflies. KeyConservation photo