The IUCN Green List of Protected and Conserved Areas Programme (the ‘IUCN Green List Programme’) aims to encourage, achieve and promote effective, equitable and successful protected areas in all partner countries and jurisdictions. In line with IUCN’s core mission of ‘A just world that values and conserves nature’ the aim of the IUCN Green List Programme is to improve the contribution that equitably governed and effectively managed protected areas make to sustainable development through the conservation of nature and provision of associated social, economic, cultural, and spiritual values.

At the heart of the IUCN Green List Programme is the globally applicable Standard. It describes a set of components, criteria, and indicators for successful conservation in protected areas and thereby provides an international benchmark for quality that motivates improved performance and achievement of conservation objectives. By committing to meet this Standard, site managers seek to demonstrate and maintain performance and deliver real nature conservation results.

We are keen to join a network of like-minded institutions and individuals looking to promote more positive messaging, and celebrate conservation success and the people who make successes possible. The Conservation Optimism outlets will provide new channels for amplifying the solutions PANORAMA promotes, and the exemplary sites which are part of the Green List Programme.