Greenhood Nepal is a youth-led environmental organization that educates and engages young minds and local communities in environmental conservation. We believe the wise use of natural resources today is the only way for a sustainable future. In this sense, our activities aim to create positive impact for people and nature — and hence to promote conservation optimism. We engage actively on a regular basis to address emerging problems and try to find impactful solutions via community engagement in dialogues, group discussions, and stakeholder engagement sessions; and recent example of our work is the hugely successful Roundtable on Pangolin series.

The journey of Greenhood Nepal to date has itself been very optimistic. It was founded by a few Nepalese university students, who were outraged by the conservation-related problems in the country. During the establishment of Greenhood Nepal, Nepal was facing massive problems; poaching of one-horned rhino and illegal trade of red sandalwood had increased, among others. It may be a bit of self-optimism to say so, but today Greenhood Nepal is considered as one of the impactful conservation groups in Nepal.

In being a part of Conservation Optimism, a platform with similar motives of conservation, we want to encourage young conservationists by sharing their “conservation action stories” to the world wide wider audiences. When our messages of conservation are widespread across all the channels, this will encourage other similar organizations and contribute to better conservation outcomes for all. This means, any conservation action at a corner of the world will encourage another organization to replicate or experiment with similar action in other parts of the world; helping us all to make the maximum impact.

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