The Fundacion Herpetologica Gustavo Orces arises from the need for a legally constituted Ecuadorian organization to dedicate itself to the study of amphibians and reptiles in Ecuador, responding to an urgent need to collect information on this type of fauna. We are the seventh country with the greatest herpetological diversity in the world, and for this reason, we seek to contribute to its conservation through research, empowerment of an environmental conscience through teamwork and cooperation with other environmental organizations.

We want to join Conservation NOW because our organization dedicates a large part of its efforts to lead and carry out programmes aimed at positively influencing people and promoting new and better attitudes through meaningful educational experiences. We are committed to education as a fundamental tool to implement concrete actions towards the conservation of reptiles and amphibians. In this regard, we consider joining the network a great opportunity to share and involve anybody in our tiny efforts.

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