Fundação Príncipe works towards the mission to conserve and protect the biodiversity of Príncipe Island, inspiring current and future generations, contributing to the socio-economic development of local communities. Our vision is to have a prosperous, safe and healthy Príncipe for its biodiversity and communities.
We do believe that, despite being a small local NGO, trying to protect a tiny island in the middle of the ocean, we can be a positive example to the world. Príncipe is a live laboratory where we can try and pilot initiatives that show the world it is possible to promote the balance between man and nature. And, if a small undeveloped island nation can, indeed, promote and conserve their biodiversity, so can the rest of the world! There are no excuses!
Today, Fundação Príncipe has a team of 68 people, 98% locals, who implement terrestrial and marine conservation projects, with a participatory approach involving the local communities, securing that each one of Príncipe 8,000 inhabitants are involved in the decision-making process, understand the needs and threats, and have an active role in the conservation initiatives. They are our conservation leaders.
Because of all of our work in the last 7 years, we do believe we do have many optimistic and successful stories in conservation, showing that our actions make a difference, no matter our small we are!